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About Us


We are not a Mcdojo or belt factory. We do not churn out black belts because it is in an expensive contract.

We will not praise anyone just for showing up. Confidence is based on inner belief, not false praise.

We will not tell you that our style is best and there is no other way of thinking.

We are not a fight club where injuries are considered part of the game.

We do not cater to fighters who want to use you to get ready for their next cage match.


We believe every school should be a fun and safe environment where ideas are shared in a respectful manner.

We believe that tradition is not always a valid reason to continue to do something.

We believe there should be a scientific basis for all exercise and diet regimens.

We believe that all movements should have deliberate intentions or you are wasting valuable time and energy.

We believe it is critical to train hard but intelligently.

Why Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness

We use martial arts as a method of communication to help enhance lives and improve fitness for everyone.

We are the only gym that teaches realistic martial arts safely and without priming you for competition.

We believe you can seriously train like a pro without getting hurt or needing to prove yourself in a ring or cage.

We have contact classes where you can spar safely against other students or we have Bootcamp classes where there is no contact

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