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Are Martial Arts Lessons Worth The Money?

My son was 6 years old when he started his lessons. He liked the positive environment where he was learning real physical skills. I liked that he was learning how to manage emotions like frustration, anger and depression. I know it kept him out of the trouble many of his schoolmates later got into. That alone was a blessing.

Later on I learned of the desired effects this training had on his brain, his health, his goals and values. It influenced his outlook and character. My son learned about self-awareness, camaraderie, history and tradition, self respect. These things I now understand to be, quite literally, priceless.

A good school is well worth the cost of tuition. My son’s time was spent away from screens, and engaged with positive people of all ages. He learned how to stay calm under pressure and to overcome obstacles. He learned how to take responsibility and tackle problems head on. Those characteristics are beyond measurement.

Now, he is an adult and l understand he learned lessons from the mat that he could never receive at a desk. It has served him in a thousand ways that he may not even realize, but I do.

It’s worth the money, time and effort. My son has engaged in many activities in his life, but nothing has offered the layered return that the hours he spent with martial arts. My son is a capable, respectful, and compassionate man. Although many factors have gone into his development, the martial arts have been the gasoline that has fueled the engine of his growth.

I will never regret the time and resources I invested in my son’s martial arts training. Yes,  it was worth the money.

Paulina Pillow
second grade teacher


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