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Don’t be shy! If you have any questions, doubts, or hesitations, we’re more than happy to help you. Chances are it’s not the first time we’ve heard them.
 Below are some of the most common questions we encounter:


Do you teach traditional martial arts? I want my child to learn discipline.

No we do not as most people expect it. We do not require uniforms although our instructors frequently wear them. We use a belt system but we do not place a huge emphasis on it. Belt systems can be extremely detrimental to development. We are very careful with its use. We are proud of our traditional roots and we maintain the respect and ranking systems associated. However, we understood decades ago that traditional training methods have not kept up with the knowledge we now have through Scientific modalities. Martial Arts have changed more in the last twenty years than in the previous one thousand years. We embrace that as a very good thing. Once you are educated on this subject you will embrace it also.

There are schools out there that can make my kid a black belt in three years. How long does it take at your school?

Do not be fooled.  It is not the black belt you want for your child, it is the knowledge behind it. This is like earning a high school diploma at ten or to be a brain surgeon at twenty. Even if they could earn it, it’s not a good idea. Giving a child a black belt is in fact one of the worst things you can do.  It has serious, far reaching implications. Parents need to see this for what it is. It is a marketing ploy at best and a serious question of a school’s integrity. Let the buyer beware.

Some schools break up the children’s classes into smaller age groups and skill levels, why don’t you?

Because we think this is a mistake. Students rise to the level of those they are around. We teach to the level of the highest students and the rest will learn. The key is to do this intelligently with low student to instructor ratios. Learning something difficult is enhanced not by the intensity of the teaching but the frequency of exposure. By training with older students younger children learn not to be intimidated by them and that is essentially why they are here. Younger students interacting with older children in a controlled environment allows them to learn more effectively. In addition, older children learn compassion and control when working with someone below their level. We also put them in leadership roles that they would not have the opportunity to do otherwise. This is a central concept of how we develop our students.

My child is not very coordinated. Will this help?

Our instructors are very patient. We have decades of experience teaching children. One of the advantages of martial arts is students do not have to make a team. They progress at their own pace and their coordination will improve dramatically.

My child has special needs, is that a problem?

No matter what challenges your child has we can most likely work with them. We will treat them no differently than other children. Our instructors are very patient. We have decades of experience teaching children and we welcome the opportunity to enhance their lives.

Aren’t you ultimately teaching them violence? I don’t want my kid to learn how to hurt people.

We have always taken this topic very seriously. On the surface yes we are. But it is much more complex than that. Bullies are not bullies because they have fighting skills. All of our students are taught to avoid physical confrontations for as long as possible. Empowering someone with the ability to defend themselves does not encourage them to abuse it. Just as getting a drivers license does not mean they will or will not break traffic laws. Our instructors are college educated professionals. We are not street punks. In fact we despise violence outside of a sport context. However, if someone tries to hurt your child we are going to make sure that does not happen.

I Would Love To Join But I’m Stuck In A Contract With Another Gym Or School. Can You Help Me Out?

Absolutely! Just bring in a copy of your existing contract and we will credit you any cancellation fees or remaining balance you owe towards your tuition, up to $300! You will not find that offer anywhere else.




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