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Don’t be shy! If you have any questions, doubts, or hesitations, we’re more than happy to help you. Chances are it’s not the first time we’ve heard them.
 Below are some of the most common questions we encounter:


I want to lose weight, how many calories will I burn?

When you are given a range of say 600-1000 calories a workout you are told that for purely marketing purposes. Your metabolism is as unique as you are. It depends on many factors far to numerous to name here. We all know that replacing fat with lean muscle tissue is far more complicated than calorie counts. We call ourselves Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness for a reason. Students need to understand how the human body reacts to exercise induced physiological changes. Knowledge is power. If you know how exercise, diet, rest and technique interact then you have a better chance at a truly healthy lifestyle.

Do you teach traditional martial arts? I don’t want to wear the little uniform.

No we do not as most people expect it. You do not have to wear a uniform. We are proud of our traditional roots and we maintain the respect and ranking systems associated. However, we understood decades ago that traditional training methods have not kept up with the knowledge we now have through Scientific modalities. Martial Arts have changed more in the last twenty years than in the previous one thousand years. We embrace that as a very good thing. Once you are educated on this subject you will embrace it also.


Do I Need To Get In Better Shape Before I Start Training?


Absolutely not! Even if you were in shape that does not mean you are in condition to do this. Our programs are geared toward the individual. That means they are self-paced. It is our job to get to know you and your comfort levels, so we can make sure we motivate you to be your absolute best.

I Would Love To Join Scientific Martial Arts And Fitness and Train MMA And Kickboxing, But Do I Have To Get Hit?

We’ll never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. However, do not rule it out. Many women have started out not wanting to spar but once they realize it is a fun and nonthreatening environment they ask to spar!!

Seriously, its probably not that you don’t want to do it. It’s just that you did not have the opportunity to do it safely with qualified instructors that know how to teach it. Besides, no one is allowed to spar until they’ve been properly trained and prepared. Rest assured that you would be eased into the process with a specifically designed curriculum and handpicked training partners to ensure the safest experience. And if you still don’t want to hit or get hit by a real person You don’t have to spar.

A huge component of all classes is extensive bag and pad work that safely simulates hard contact without the risks.

That is why we offer MMA Conditioning classes where there is limited to no contact.

I Would Love To Join But I’m Stuck In A Contract With Another Gym Or School. Can You Help Me Out?

Absolutely! Just bring in a copy of your existing contract and we will credit you any cancellation fees or remaining balance you owe towards your tuition, up to $300! You will not find that offer anywhere else.




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