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10 Things We Teach Children

  • We want parent to realize that we do not just teach martial arts.
  • We use the martial arts to teach. It is a form of communication.
  • We care about kicks, punches and self defense. However, we also care deeply about cultivating confidence, and the art of cooperation. We understand our real opportunity lies in arming children with some of the skills they’ll need to navigate life as a emotionally healthy, balanced, and compassionate adult/citizen.
  • Teaching children is our specialty. With our low instructor to student ratio, our students receive personalized attention and careful instruction.Listed below are 10 of the things we concentrate on daily.
  • At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness, we believe in offering not just another activity but a way of life.


10 Benefits Children Gain From

Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness


Believe it or not, the style of martial arts your child learns is not as important as who they learn it from. At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness we use martial arts as a means of communication to teach them life skills they will utilize every day to help them reach their true potential.



1. How to deal with frustration: It is no exaggeration to say that dealing with frustration is a central theme to all mental health. It is imperative that a child learns how to deal with this emotion effectively. As our students participate in a difficult activity they are coached on the skill of frustration management.

2. How to use disappointment to succeed: Everyone throughout their lives will experience failure and disappointment. Instead of protecting children from this feeling, we use it as an opportunity to teach them. They learn to try smarter, not just harder. They learn that there is a more intelligent way to do almost anything if they educate themselves, put a plan into action and follow through.

3. How to prevent physical fights: That’s right. We actually teach your child to avoid fights and only use martial arts as an absolute last resort. We give them the ability to diffuse a situation so that physical force may not be necessary.

4. Teamwork: All of our lessons require children to work with training partners in order to master difficult skills. This gives students the opportunity to work with others cooperatively. This skill will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

5. Social Skills: Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness provides a healthy environment for children who are shy or uncomfortable socializing. We practice the art of conversation and public speaking as well as self-defense techniques.

6. Listening effectively: Learning difficult techniques can only be done by listening carefully. Our students learn how to develop this vitally important skill in every class.

7. Self-restraint and discipline: Martial arts if done correctly, is very difficult. It requires discipline of mind and body. Controlling emotion and impulses is required to be proficient. Impulse control is a skill we work on continuously every day.

8. Respect for authority figures: We live in a culture where authority figures are not always treated with respect. Our instructors have zero tolerance for disrespect. By practicing respect in every class, our students begin to apply it to other areas of their lives.

9. Confidence: Real confidence can only be obtained by obtaining real skills. Promoting students every few months by regurgitating useless techniques gives parents and children a false sense of security. At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness we teach them real self-defense skills that may actually save their lives.

10. How to enjoy being physically active: In the age of technology, many of our children don’t have the chance or the desire to be physically fit and healthy. At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness, we make being active fun. We teach children they don’t need video games; they can be a part of the action themselves. This helps them lead a much happier and more fulfilling life.


Our goal is not to make champion fighters – it is to make our students champions in life.





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