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Bully Proof Kids

  • Bullying is a common problem that can have horrific after effects. We teach your child to avoid fights completely and only use martial arts as an absolute last resort.
  • We give them the ability to diffuse a situation so that physical force may not be necessary.
  • However, What if there is more to the bullying words and actual force is being used? Can your child really protect themselves? It is an uncomfortable question to ask, but a necessary one.The reality is that a child must be self-confident and capable of physically defending themselves. Parents need to understand that their children will grow up and be in very adult situations.
  • The skills they learn for conflict resolution must be based on confidence. Confidence cannot be acquired if there is fear of bodily harm.
  • Our classes teach the appropriate time and use of physical skills and only to the level required for self-preservation.


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