Modern Skills, Traditional Values

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Kung Fu Kids

  • Kung Fu offers many great principles that are relevant today.
  • Part of our foundation is in traditional Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu as taught by Sifu Art Dacoscos.
  • Our motto is Modern Skills, Traditional Values because we teach a hybrid style incorporating principles from numerous martial arts while retaining the respect and discipline that is paramount to the arts.
  • When you learn a strict style you are closing your mind to the knowledge learned from all other martial artists.
  • Every style has something positive to offer because every student will interpret and express their art differently.
  • Our job is not to regurgitate techniques based on tradition, disguised as truth. Instead it is to encourage students to think, explore and understand what works best for them.
  • In the end, it doesn’t matter what it is called as long as it works well.

10 ways Our Program Helps Your Children

In a world where violence is escalated and parents are taking extra precautions to make sure their kids are safe from its effects, martial arts is becoming more frequently misunderstood. At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness, our students are not taught to fight simply for violence’s sake. They are taught to battle their way through adversity, struggles, and set-backs to become the best they can be. Our program trains these students while teaching them valuable lessons:

  • Determination and Dedication: A child cannot advance in our program without exhibiting these two priceless qualities. Our students achieve higher ranks by setting, striving for, and attaining new goals through their own hard work.
  • How to use disappointment to succeed: Every child, no matter how hard he or she tries, is subject to failure or disappointment. Whether it is caused by not achieving goals, not passing a level, or simply not being able to execute a lesson properly, dissatisfaction happens to most children at some point in their lives. Instead of protecting children from this feeling, we strive to take that as an opportunity to teach them about how to do better the next time, how disappointment is a direct sign of the ability to want more and set goals. We give your children the opportunity and the tools to learn from these experiences and grow.
  • How to prevent physical fights: That’s right. We actually teach your child about confrontation and how to handle it in a mature way. We give them the ability to diffuse a situation to the point where physical force is unnecessary. They are taught that sometimes these peaceful techniques are useless to others and that physical defense is necessary. This lesson is repeatedly ignored by adults who pretend that physical violence never occurs to protect their children from these ideas. However, learning that harmful situations do exist allows us to learn how to handle them more carefully and tactfully.
  • Team work: Some of our lessons require children to work with a partner in order to master a skill. Both students must learn to function as a team to progress their own abilities and if one student is not pulling his weight, neither of them can become better. We give all of our students the tools necessary to work with others in a cooperative venture, a talent that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
  • Social Skills: Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness provides a healthy environment for children who are naturally shy or uncomfortable socializing. Being in a familiar area at the same times every day with the same students and similar class layouts allows for a structured, secure place for any child to feel safe to be themselves.
  • Listening effectively: Proper techniques can only be learned and improved by listening carefully to an instructor. Thus, our students learn very quickly how to develop this life-long skill.
  • Self-restraint and discipline: All forms of martial arts require a discipline of mind and body due to the emphasis it places on determination and hard work. Our students learn the importance of obtaining the ability to control their impulses and desires in order to achieve the best possible result. Those children who have not acquired this skill learn very quickly (through constructive disappointment) that it is something they must master.
  • Respect for authority figures: All of our instructors have complete command over their classroom and a strict no-tolerance for disrespect. Our instructors become not only an authority for the children, but a role model as they grow more accustomed to being students. By focusing on respect, many of our children begin to apply that value to many other aspects of their lives, making them independent while allowing them to understand how to important authority is in their lives.
  • Confidence: All of our classes are geared toward allowing children to feel confident in their ability to master any given style or technique. We understand the importance of self-assurance in being successful, and we strive to build all of our students up to confident, respectful members of society. Confidence in their skills soon shows them how they are truly capable of almost anything they put their mind and effort into achieving, which spills into a confidence that surrounds their entire lives.
  • How to enjoy being physically active: In the age of technology, so many children suffer from not having the ability or the desire to be physically fit and healthy. At Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness, we make being active fun. Soon the children don’t need video games; they can be a part of the action themselves. This helps them lead a much happier and more fulfilling life, and gives them skills to remain that way as they grow older.

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