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Men’s Fighting Skills – Contact Class

  • Whether we like it or not physical prowess is a definitive factor in how males feel about themselves.
  • Most men, given the choice would like to be a phenomenal fighter. We are hard wired by evolution to want that. Survival of the fittest will always be there.  The rules may have changed a bit but the game still must be played.
  • What holds most of us back is a self-belief that we can’t do it. It is our job to show you that you can.
  • We offer men a nonthreatening environment where they can learn techniques from a variety of different martial arts.
  • We do not have pro fighters that want to use you for a heavy bag.  Large egos do not do well here.
  • Classes are controlled and fun. Everything we do is reality based and practical. You are brought along slowly and methodically.
  • You will not do things you are not ready for emotionally or physically.
  • Our instructors know how to get you up to speed. Once you are there you will find there is no better workout. In addition, our classes are a blast!


Are you bored going to the gym? Running on a treadmill or lifting weights is a fantastic way to stay in shape, but it can get a little dry and eventually you may lose interest.  Our programs are different.  We offer a workout with a purpose that will teach you the skills you have always wanted.  When you train here you will be able to handle stress better. Your ability to relate to others improves. You will likely sleep better. People will notice that you carry yourself differently. A structured workout program really can improve your life.

 Of course none of the above benefits will matter unless you can truly defend yourself. To put it simply, we teach you how to fight! We teach basic punches, kicks and grappling skills. These are combined with relentless conditioning and practical use of sports psychology, physiology and nutrition. We call ourselves Scientific because there is an intelligent, systematic way to do everything. We would love to show you the difference. Start training with us today.


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