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Self Protection Course

Friday February 28th 2014 5:00 to 9:00 pm
440 Garland Drive Unit C Northglenn, CO 80233
Special pricing  $45.00 ( normally $65.00 )




The civilian Tactical Knife Options course is a short comprehensive class. It is derived from the Law Enforcement certification class. The class provides the student with an overview of the legalities of using deadly force against another person in the course of self-defense. This class concentrates on teaching the student offensive tactics for when a deadly threat is presented against the student and a firearm is not available, or it is tactically unwise to use a firearm, and open-hand techniques are not adequate.

Building confidence is the key in Combatives training. Without confidence, the physical skills mean nothing. Students will learn and understand the different variables (re-action time, fear induced stress, fear reflexes) involved in a violent confrontation and learn how to leverage those variables to their advantage. The physical skills are gross motor-skill based, non-gender specifics, realistic, and do not rely on strength

Course Objective: 

•To familiarize the student with the offensive tactics involving an edged weapon for self-protection and threat neutralization.

Course Goals:
•Student will be able to demonstrate seven lines of attack, grips, and types of attack.
•Student will be able to identify fatal and non-fatal anatomical targets.
•Student will gain an understanding of the impact of combat stress in a personal crisis situation.
•Student will be able to identify what makes a good tactical knife for carry

Course Length: Four  hours
Instructor Bio:
Jeff Black is the owner and primary operator of Emergency Survival Responses, LLC ( which provides contract training and consultation to Law Enforcement agencies, associations, and organizations.
He has been a featured speaker for the Colorado Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (CLEFIA), the Colorado Law Enforcement Officer Association (CLEOA) and the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC).
Jeff is a law enforcement veteran (Ret.) and served as a SWAT team operator, and law enforcement combative instructor including firearms, edged weapons, hand-2 hand tactics, ground fighting, and driving.
Jeff founded the Association of Arrest Control Trainers (AACT) in 2009 and sits on the Executive Board as the Vice President. Jeff is also an Expert Witness in use-of-force civil cases and provides consultation to various Law Firms, Police agencies, and individual officers. Jeff holds a Master’s Degree in Education-Adult Training from Colorado State University. Jeff designed and published the Law Enforcement Tactical Knife Options course in 2008 and had it approved/certified through the Attorney General’s police officers standards in training (POST) board. Since this courses inception, over 300 law enforcement professionals from over 60 agencies in Colorado have attended and been certified in this course work. This is the civilian version of the Tactical Knife Options basic-user course.


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