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Women Mixed Martial Arts Bootcamp -No contact

MMA Conditioning Class – No Contact

  • This is not a typical kickboxing aerobics class. We do not pack you in like cattle on heavy bags only two feet apart.
  • Just because you don’t compete that doesn’t  mean you can’t train like a fighter.
  • We explain the Scientific principles of every routine and exercise you will be doing.
  • Knowledge is power. By increasing your knowledge of exercise physiology you will get better results and maintain your interest.
  • Mixed Martial artists are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Because the sport requires their body to obtain a multitude of physical and mental attributes.
  • Our classes offer a large variety of exercises that will maximize your true potential.
  • You will not do anything you are not ready for.
  • Our goal is not to make you sore but educate you towards your desired result. As you ramp up to speed you will find it is the most exciting and effective workout there is.



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